How To Protect Your Metal Roof from Rust

The benefits of metal roofing are so many that this roofing system has become superior among its competitions. Metal roofs are durable and hardwearing. Some manufacturers even claim that their product can last for more than one hundred years! Despite this, metal roofs require no yearly maintenance. Although the metal roofing prices are quite high, there is not doubt that it is one of the best – if not the best – roofing system today.

However, metal roofs may also be damaged. And need it be said that their worst enemy is rusting.

rusted metal roofs

Rusty corrugated metal roofs

Yes, you read that right, according to Nelson Contracting, metal roofs may rust. Rusting is a chemical process that happens when metal is exposed to air. It is also called oxidation because it is actually oxygen that causes the rusting.

Metal roofs rust because of a few reasons: one, if the metal roofing installation was not done properly and, two, if the roof was not furnished with weatherproof coating.

Although they are strong and resistant, metal roof materials are delicate when it comes to installation. Only materials that are compatible with the roof must be used. Even one mismatched roofing panel can put the entire roof in jeopardy. This being so, metal roofing installation should only be performed by professionals. If you have encountered tutorials on how to install residential metal roofing on your own, which are definitely thriving in the world wide web, you must remember that they are provided just to assist users in identifying whether the roof is properly installed or not; more often than not, these DIY tutorials are not intended to actually encourage you to install the roof by yourself.

Metal Roof Protective Coating

In purchasing a metal roof, you should ask the seller if the roof is coated with protective layering. This coating increases the durability of the roof and can even increase its heat-conducting characteristic. More importantly, it makes the metal roof weatherproof. This way, it won’t rust when it is exposed to too much water, moist, wind and heat. Some cheaper metal roofs are unfortunately not coated, which puts the responsibility of coating on the user. But if the user does not coat his roof as well, then having signs of rusting on the roof in the coming years would not really be a big surprise.

In any case, it is important to apply a metal roofing coating on the roof to prevent it from corroding. This coating is a fluid substance that acts as a protective membrane once applied. It is also adhesive, which makes it stick easily to the metal roof. Some users even like how this protective layering repairs the damaged roof because of its ability to remain elastic under various kinds of weather.

To prevent rusting, metal roofing maintenance should be done. This maintenance does not mean you have to annually repair and re-coat your roof. It means, however, that you need to clean the roof and make sure that there is no dust or dirt that sticks to it. A primer can also be applied to ensure that the roof coating sticks with the roof for a longer period of time. On the other hand, some metal roofing materials actually don’t require a primer. To be sure, it is best to check your supplier for the proper metal roofing specifications.

Metal roof coating is relatively inexpensive. It can be bought in any store – even on the Internet. One of the popular coatings available today is the Rust Bullet that dehydrates the rust to allow the resin to harden into a resilient and more adhesive coating. Other protective coatings may be bought in stores and on many online shopping sites.