Checklist for Your Seasonal Home Maintenance

Home maintenance schedule should be planned and carefully carried out not only for home improvement but most importantly for you and your family’s security and comfortable living. It is like taking care of your precious belonging because it is a costly investment and because it is your place of abode. Moreover, giving your home some regular inspections is paramount to preserve the value of the property and to ensure that everything is working efficiently. Complete this checklist for your seasonal home maintenance:

Spring Home Maintenance

  • Water Heater

Now that the winter season is over, it is time to clean the water heater from sediments and debris before keeping them off for a while. By doing this, the lifespan of the equipment will be prolonged, thus serve you efficiently for a few years more than expected.

  • Windows, Doors, and Gate

The winter season may have left traces of snow or the low temperature weather may have stripped some portions of the door, windows, and gate. This is the best time to do a thorough inspection to assess what is needed to be repaired or replaced to prevent extreme damage.

  • Chimney and Furnace

Chimney sweep is very essential and the best time to do it is right after the winter season. It will not just save you on cost of expensive repairs but will also keep your family safe. Include chimney and furnace cleaning in your home maintenance checklist after the winter.

Summer Home Maintenance

  • Refrigerator Coils

Your refrigerator’s cooling ability will be interfered if the coils are full of dust and dirt. As the summer season starts, it’s the time best to vacuum the coils and save the on the costs of energy. Before cleaning your refrigerator, make sure that it is unplugged from the socket.

  • Plumbing and Pipes

Pipes and plumbing system should be checked for possible water leaks or damaged pipes. In addition, all faucets, sinks, and shower heads should also go through a thorough and extensive maintenance every year. This will help you determine whether to repair or replace the pipes or not.

  • Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers expire after a certain period of time. For home maintenance, it is best to check on expiration date and have it replaced right away. You can go directly to your local fire department in town to know what to do and to get new fire extinguishers.

Fall Home Maintenance

  • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector and Fire Alarms

It is best to have your system checked at least once a month for safety and protection of your family and your property.

  • Roof, basement, and gutters

Expect more leaves falling down from trees. Before that happens, clean the gutters, remove leaves from the roof, and keep the basement free from any debris and clutters.

Winter Home Maintenance

  • Heater

The service water heater needs a thorough inspection before turning it on. You may need to test the temperature and the pressure to set it at the right setting.

  • Pipes

Pipes may turn frozen due to the low temperature and snow. To prevent broken pipes brought by the freezing temperature, let the plumber have the system handled professionally and accurately.